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Jim Jones & Ron Browz Featuring Juelz Santana - Pop Champagne [빌보드 2009 Hot 100 Songs]

intro: either boy

hey how we ball in the club i know you hating
mama dancing on da floor like she naked
when she lay down with you i know she fakin
all da girls give it to me i aint gotta take it

oohh pop champagne
ooh pop champage
oohh pop champagne
ooh pop champagne

if we need more bottles tell ma to hurry up
tell em ron brownz here hottest in america
gimmie 16 balls and you now i tare it up
now its me when you see that sperm in ya airya
and she call me all night cuz you cant get enough
on my neck on my wrist every thing is litted up
drinking bottles wit the clique intill i spit it up
only get one life so you gotta live it up
if you in to thing im in,shorty we can be friends, shorty we can be friends but right now i wanna see you dance see you dance i wanna see you dance see you dance (repeat)

when i go to the dealer you know i cop that
brand new rarri and the roof drop back
cant do harlem like the roof top back
money in the bank man you know i stop back
know we tryna get up in the club
tryna tell me no cuz im rollin wit the thugs
so i flash a couple of dallors
tell them we only want tables and we buying out the bottles
and yall now the order tell them 10 roses and a few cold water
trony trone and a couple of women
10 thousand dallors stuffed up in the denim
standing on a couch with a couple of woman
we were ballin hard it was just the ninth inning
so i told shorty we can be friends
and your friends can meet my friends
we can do this on a week day or on a week end
we can do this on the free way and get it in the freak way
blackberry two way,cars on the lupay
we superstars on a lupay
yall be the singers on the mic wait let me dim the lights this was in the car when i was stopping by the lights


baby i wanna see you work i wanna see you dance with out that shirt without those pants pop champage aint a dam thin change spray it in the air make it champage rain buckets of ice keep the champage cool mommy got a body see that dam thing move no sex in the champage room says who baby i break all rules come over here so i can break off you you see me in vip and want to break on through face it when she with you she lie in bed she fakin when she with me she like it she never fake it

* chorus*

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