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Cecilia - The Prayer [팝 명곡][한국인이 좋아하는 팝송] 

On the path of life
mountains rise above
we've been climbing so high
to open up the sky
chasing a vision of the world
that's in your love

When the darkness falls
and i fear i'll lose my sight
i just thrill in the sounds
of beauty all around

It's your grace that will
life me to the sun
beyond the heights
in the light

Don't lose your way
it's just the hatred and the fight
in our hearts
love will lead us to the sun
beyond the heights
in the light

In the light
in the light
in the light..

[팝 명곡][한국인이 좋아하는 팝송]

  1. 알 수 없는 사용자

    2010.06.18 09:46 [수정/삭제] [답글]

    곡의 분위기와 제목이 아주 잘 맞는 것 같아요.
    경건해지는 것 같은 곡이네요. ^^

  2. Favicon of BlogIcon Deborah

    2010.06.18 21:48 신고 [수정/삭제] [답글]

    정말 꾀꼬리 같은 목소리를 지닌 가수군요. ^^ 아주 고성이네요.