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 Nightnoise - The Rose Of Tralee(아일랜드 민요) [팝 명곡][한국인이 좋아하는 팝송] 

The pale moon was rising above on green mountain,
The sun was declining beneath the blue sea,
When I strayed with my love to the pure crystal fountain,
That stands in the beautiful vale of Tralee.

She was lovely and fair, as the rose of the summer,
Yet t'was not her beauty alone that won me.
Oh no, t'was the truth in her eye ever dawning,
That made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee! 

The cool shades of evening their mantle were spreading,
And Mary, all smiling, stood list'ning to me,
The moon through the valley her pale rays was shedding,
When I won the heart of the Rose of Tralee.


[팝 명곡][한국인이 좋아하는 팝송]

  1. Favicon of BlogIcon 베가스 그녀

    2010.07.03 09:45 신고 [수정/삭제] [답글]

    아일랜드 출신 밴드들 중에 좋아하는 밴드가 몇몇 있었는데, 이곡은 처음 들어보네요.
    장마때문에 야외활동이 힘드시겠어요.
    주말 잘 보내세요. ^^

  2. Favicon of BlogIcon rinda

    2010.07.04 01:34 신고 [수정/삭제] [답글]

    왠지 익숙한 듯 편안한 분위기의 노래여서 그런지.. 조용한 밤 시간에 들으니 더욱 좋은 듯 합니다.
    뉴에이지 음악 몇 곡을 듣고 싶어지네요 ^^