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TLC - Waterfalls [20세기를 빛낸 팝] 

A lonely mother gazing out her window
Staring at a son that she just can't touch
If at any time he's in a jam, she'll be by his side
But he doesn't realize he hurts her so much

But all the praying just ain't helping at all
'Cause he can't seem to keep his self out of trouble
So he goes out and he makes his money
The best way he knows how
Another body laying in the gutter, listen to me

Don't go chasing waterfalls
Please stick to the rivers
And the lakes that you're used to
I know that you're gonna have it your way or nothing at all
But I think you're moving to fast

Little precious has a natural obsession
For temptation but he just can't see
She gives him loving that his body can't handle
But all he can say is baby it's good to me

One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror
But he doesn't recognize his own face
His health is fading and
He doens't know why
Three letters took him to his final resting place
Y'all don't hear me?

*Chorus* x 2

Come on
I see a rainbow yesterday,
But too many storms have come and gone
Leavin' a trace of not on Good-given ray,
Is it because my life is ten shades of gray
I pray all ten fade away
Seldom praise Him for the sunny days

And like His promise is true
Only my faith can undo
The many chances I blew
To bring my life to anew
Clear blue and unconditional skies
Have dried the tears from my eyes
No more lonely cries
My only blindin' hope
Is for the folk who can't cope
With such an enduring pain
That it keeps 'em in the pourin' rain
Who's to blame

You shoot and aim for someone else's brain
You claim the insane
And name this day in time
For fallin' prey to crime
I say the system got you victim, to your own mind

(I say the system got you victim, to your own mind)

Dreams and hopeless aspirations
In hopes of comin' true
Belive in yourself
The rest is up to me and you

[20세기를 빛낸 팝]

이곡은 "20세기를 빛낸 팝송 히트곡100선" 배철수의 음악캠프(2002년 11월방송) 라디오 프로그램에서 선정 한 것이다. 100위부터 1위까지 하나씩 올려봐야겠다. 또 올렸던 음악중 예전에 MBC 김기덕의 골든디스크에서 선정한 "한국인이 좋아하는 팝 100곡", 코리아팝 사이트에서 선정한 "한국인이 좋아하는 팝 200곡"을 올리고 있다. 이자료는 객관적인 자료가 아니고 라디오 프로그램과 선정 당시의 팬투표와 해당 방송국의 기준에따라 선정된걸로 알고있다.

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